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Finding your organizational leverage

Where can you find your leverage?

Powerful solutions – effectively implemented.

A simple concept, but what does it really mean? And how do you do it?  Let’s break it down.


A simple concept.  Let’s break it down.


Powerful solutions

For a solution to be powerful, it first must be appropriate to your company.  It must touch the issues that lift you to higher levels of performance.

Many “solutions” sound great.  They might have produced tangible results somewhere else.  But a solution to someone else’s problem doesn’t help you.  It might even hurt you by drawing away resources and attention from real opportunities.

Second, a powerful solution must be capable of delivering the required results.  A 5% or 10% increase in delivery performance or productivity is an improvement.  If you need 25% or 50%, however, the smaller improvement falls short.  You need solutions that provide you with a competitive edge.

Effective implementation

Third, you need solutions that are implementable.  Once you match capable solutions to genuine opportunities, you must put those solutions in place to convert potential benefits into real benefits.

The implementation step is crucial.  Improvement efforts probably slow to a crawl due to poor implementations more than anything else.

When progress slows, it’s usually because of the informal systems – the ways things really work.  You need implementations that give life to those powerful solutions.

How do we help you?

We help you effectively implement powerful solutions.  We appropriately connect proven technologies in areas such as production, distribution, engineering, finance and IT to compelling value propositions.


Your team members put the pieces together in ways that ring true.


We work with your team to help them identify and understand the critical relationships in your formal and informal systems.  (Proven tools and approaches exist for mapping behavioral systems just as they do for mapping value streams and IT processes.)  Your team members put the pieces together in ways you've likely never seen before — but in ways that will ring true once you see them.

They soon discover the erroneous beliefs and behaviors preventing your company from reaching the next level.  The good news is they can change those beliefs and behaviors quickly once they appreciate their devastating effects.

With the door now open for effective implementation, we work side-by-side with your team to get you to the next level.  Powerful solutions – effectively implemented.


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