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Terry Breunig founded Value Creators in 1994 after 8 years with Ernst & Young, at the time one of the world's "Big 6" firms.  While at E&Y he worked with several major clients, such as Morton International and Abbott Labs, as well as a number of small and mid-sized firms.  Terry won plaudits at Ernst for being one of the firm's best process analysts, and helped formalize their process value analysis (i.e., value stream mapping) methodology.  He was invited to join the project team for what at the time was internationally the firm's highest-profile internal improvement project.

Since starting his solo practice, Terry has worked primarily with small and mid-sized companies, ranging from $5 million to $400 million in sales.  Over his 20+ years of experience, he has worked in a number of both discrete and process manufacturing environments.  He has worked extensively in operations, manufacturing systems and finance, and has touched most other major functional areas in some significant way.

Terry holds an MBA (marketing concentration) from the University of Illinois, and a bachelor's degree in communication from Oral Roberts University.  He has earned certifications as a Jonah (systems thinking, problem solving, conflict resolution), a Theory of Constraints (TOC) supply chain solutions implementer, CPIM and a CMA.

Terry teams with other experienced professionals as needs dictate.  These professionals bring impressive track records in their own right, and are selected based on their ability to deliver relative to your specific needs.

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